CRUhack keeps deflating

A parliamentary inquiry found no wrongdoing by scientists at the University of East Anglia. At issue were emails stolen from the university and offered as evidence of improper behavior by climate scientists:

The committee’s report entitled The disclosure of climate data from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, said the focus on Jones and the CRU in the row about the hacked emails had been “largely misplaced” and that “on accusations relating to freedom of information, we consider that much of the responsibility should lie with UEA, not CRU”. In evidence to the inquiry, Jones admitted that he had sent some “awful emails”.

“He probably wishes that emails were never invented,” said Willis at a press conference. “But apart from that we do believe that Prof Jones has in many ways been scapegoated as a result of what really was a frustration on his part that people were asking for information purely to undermine his research.”

According to the Guardian, the report “added that the scientific reputation of Jones and the CRU was untarnished,” and the report clearly states that “The Committee found no reason in this inquiry to challenge the scientific consensus as expressed by Professor Beddington, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, that ‘global warming is happening [and] that it is induced by human activity’.”

This follows the vindication of Michael Mann in a similar inquiry by the University of Pennsylvania last February. Both inquiries found no scientific misconduct in the stolen emails at the core of what’s become known as “climategate.”

That whistling sound you hear is all the honest conservatives speaking at once to decry the politicization of science through these stolen emails and press assassination of scientists.

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