In which TfK is reviewed

Long-time readers know I’ve been trying to reduce my the number of RSS feeds I monitor, so it takes a lot to make me add a new blog to my reading, but You’re Not Helping is filled with win. The authors’ take on the importance of tone is filled with win, for instance.

And their take on TFK? Dead on:

Josh Rosenau is an enigma, a chimera of sorts. That?s because, sometimes, he says some great stuff. Other times? Not so much. We guess you could say he?s kinda like us.

It’s true. Sometimes this is a shitty blog, and sometimes it’s less shitty. Sometimes the things I think make it shitty are not what other people think make it shitty, and the things they think are shitty I kinda like. That’s why the header quotes Mark Twain:

You will notice that it lacks definiteness; that it lacks purpose; That it lacks coherence; that it lacks a subject to talk about; that it is loose and wabbly; that it wanders about; that it loses itself early and does not find itself any more.

It’s my way of saying that I don’t take myself too seriously, and neither should you. In this way, and in many others, You’re Not Helping seems to get it. Go read.


  1. #1 J.J.E.
    April 28, 2010

    After reading several posts, the title becomes more and more ironic. Probably written by a hipster co-op.

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