Disco. president Bruce Chapman wonders:

It is not clear why the number of academic freedom cases seem to be increasing. Is it because the iron hand of ideological conformity is squeezing professors more tightly? Or is it because more subjects of attack are fighting back in court?

Or is it because he’s making numbers up from thin air? Might it be not clear that the number of academic freedom cases is increasing? Could Chapman’s staff be ginning up meritless claims of academic freedom violations so he has things to blog about?


  1. #1 Anton Mates
    July 28, 2010

    Y’know, when someone claims that academic freedom complaints are becoming more common, you’d think they’d mention that their own organization runs a campaign encouraging creationists to lodge such complaints. That seems relevant somehow.

    It is not clear why Chapman fails to do this. Is it because he thinks his target audience is stupid? Or is it because…actually, I don’t have an alternative hypothesis.

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