Hey, look!

Rhadagast is blogging again! He was one of the big sciencebloggers when I started (that was August of 2004, so happy 6th blogiversary, TfKers), but took a 2 year hiatus. The proliferation of new sciencebloggers and new scienceblogging networks got me looking for people who I was reading back when it all started.

Anyway, my month-and-a-half hiatus seems to be over. Between my wedding, and a general sense of ennui about blogging, I didn’t feel compelled to write. But now I do, so let’s kick off the seventh year of TfK in style.


  1. #1 zackoz
    September 17, 2010

    Happy future blogging, TFK.

    Radagast’s take on Facebook is frightening. And of course one is tempted to ask where Gandalf is blogging.

  2. #2 Art
    September 19, 2010

    Good to see you back.

    Looking forward to the sweet, stimulating, crunchy content I have come to expect from you.

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