My Darwin Day talk

Last Sunday, I talked at Kol Hadash, a secular Jewish community, about NCSE’s recent work in the creation/evolution trenches. Our intrepid communications director Robert Luhn was there to film it, and has posted video of the talk to our Youtube channel. The Q&A will follow.

A big shout out to a South Dakota student who comments:

Wow. I live in South Dakota. We just learned about global warming. We were taught it was fact. I’m sure in a lot of the small towns the kids are being taught that global warming is only a theory. I hate that this is an actual resolution. I wouldn’t vote for a representative who would pass this, but sadly I’m only a kid. I know many kids and adults in South Dakota who blindly support this sort of thing because they they think global warming and evolution are against their religious beliefs.


And if you’d like a better view of the slides, here’s a slideshare version of the talk:

Alas, slideshare strips out the transitions and animations, and video, but it should help you read along as you watch the video above.


  1. #1 Nick (Matzke)
    February 16, 2011

    Nice tux!

  2. #2 Josh Rosenau
    February 16, 2011

    Pfft, not a tux, just a corduroy jacket, a bowtie, and jeans.

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