Point of Inquiry:

Our guest this week is Josh Rosenau, the Programs and Policy Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), and writer of the blog “Thoughts from Kansas” at ScienceBlogs….

In this interview with Karen Stollznow, Josh presents the “Three Pillars of Creationism”, the beliefs and claims of creationists. He describes their rhetoric and propaganda, and the setbacks they cause for science, from legal cases to creationist theme parks.

Josh also talks about some recent successes for science. The NCSE works tirelessly to battle creationists and improve the public understanding of evolution. But this is an organization that aims to “go out of business”, and where the staff members ultimately aim to be out of their jobs.

I thought the interview went well, so listen in and enjoy!


  1. #1 Riman Butterbur
    April 21, 2011

    Gosh, Josh, you’re a lot older than I had pictured you. Are you sure you’re acting “rationally” by working to put yourself out of a job? I hope you have a good retirement plan….

    The interview went very well.

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