Netroots Nation

I’ll probably be blogging here and there from Netroots Nation in Minneapolis, but you’re likely to see much more action on my twitter account: @JoshRosenau


  1. #1 Mark Erickson
    June 20, 2011

    I would have loved to see your panel (and the NYT docu later that night), but $140 is just too much for a one day pass. I realized you’re not in charge of NN, but thought I’d throw this here to vent. If the NN want to help establish the roots (the local community), and not just cultivate the vine (those that can take the time and afford or get reimbursed for travel, hotel and conference passes), then a lower day pass amount would be a great move. At the maximum, charge just over the per day rate for a conference pass ($355 / 4 = $88.75), say $90. It would still be a tough sell to the spouse, but it would benefit from the irrational fact of not being $100.

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