Archives for June, 2011

Not the best spokesmen

I’m incredibly proud of my Cubbies, who are taping a video for the Dan Savage-organized video project targeting anti-LGBT bullying: The Chicago Cubs will become only the second team in professional sports to produce an “It Gets Better” video, taking a stand against anti-gay bullying and homophobia, supported and led by Cubs owner Laura Ricketts…

Delicious snark

John Pieret is a snark genius, and you should read his latest, especially checking his links. And check out his recent WTF moment, not to mention his non-snarky, but moving and thoughtful essay on respect.

Religion people oppose torture

Tom Rees reports on a smart new study which tests the effect of religiosity on attitudes toward torture in the US. Using two different large surveys, the researchers first simply examined the correlation between religiosity and support for permitting torture. Realizing that conservative political ideology can also induce greater support for torture and can itself…