Speaking, for reasons passing understanding, before the Israeli Knesset, Glenn Beck said:

I don’t know a lot of Palestinians but I also don’t know a lot of Jewish people either.

So, the list of things Glenn Beck can be fairly said not to “know a lot of”: Palestinians, Jews, anything.


  1. The Israeli Knesset had Glenn Beck address it !?

    Good Lord. Why did they have him there?

  2. #2 Ribi
    July 11, 2011

    Why was he speaking to them? Because he’s neurotically anti-Muslim. Nobody’s going to rein in support for Israel based on Beck making a wacky comparison between fundamentalist sects of Islam and Judaism — he throws that crap out every day. However, plenty of folks have let themselves get scared, mortally terrified, of islamofasciterrorapisocialiberals thanks to Beck. His deranged bellowing serves the hawk interests in Washington and Israel; it’s as simple as that.

  3. #3 Captain patriot
    July 11, 2011

    He was invited to speak there.
    There is a reason that we should be Islamophobics. THEY TRY TO KILL US! Is that not reason enough?

    As for liberals, we fear no liberal. Well, not yet anyway. The new world government has not yet convened and appointed a dictator – the ultimate liberal to come. Satan in man’s flesh.

    Liberals are often feared for their uncanny thoughts of supreme control over the masses. Global warming is a means of control and wealth redistribution as well as population control.

    There are quite a few hundred reasons why radcial far left mass murdering communist liberal environazis should not be trusted. If someone is bold enough and supreme ruler enough to control every aspect of human life right to down to what kind of light bulb he uses, then that is a dictatorship of the highest order. Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

    I’ll put it this way. The far left may rule supreme temporarily, but when Christ comes back they will be thrown into the fire and we will rule for eternity. Go ahead and worship the earth and redistribute someone else’s money (stealing), and go ahead and worship men’s buttholes (homosexuality). We all know who burns in the end and who will be left standing.

    As for Israel, I support Israel. Liberals need to read more history. Israel was GIVEN that land by God himself. Down through the ages it was taken from them and given back numerous times. Now He has blessed His chosen people once again and brought them back into their homeland. This time, it is for keeps unto the bitter end of the world. Good luck trying t steal it back. It will only end in war and bloodshed only to lead to your dissapointedment when Christ comes and rules in jerusalem and destroys the enemies of God and Israel.

    I support Glen beck and wish him well. Too bad the coming fascist flotilla will not be making it after all. Oh well. No one likes trouble makers anyway.

  4. #4 Laurent Weppe
    July 11, 2011

    Aaaaaaand here comes the unavoidable question: Is Captain Patriot trying to playact the deluded right-wingers who type on a keyboard with one hand while fondling himself with the other, or is he a poe?

  5. #5 Ender
    July 11, 2011

    I don’t know whether you will burn in Hell for your distortion of Christ’s message Cpt Patriot, or merely be cured of your delusions by God’s grace.

    I suppose it depends whether you’re sick or evil. If the latter then I urge you to reconsider the devilish path you have chosen to follow, as your every unchristian thought and deed imperils your immortal soul. You have been lied to by those who value profit over Christ’s mandate to care for the poor, and steward God’s creation. You are under the pernicious influence of Mammoth, you must repent before it is too late.
    Did Jesus command us to be phobic of those who oppose us, or to turn the other cheek and to value those who do God’s work, like the Good Samaritan, regardless of where they originate. You are like the rabbi who walked on by, ignoring your holy obligations.

    If you’re a Poe…

  6. #6 Ender
    July 11, 2011

    Lol@phone “under the pernicious influence of Mammon” NOT mammoth!

  7. #7 Ribi
    July 11, 2011

    Frankly, I have little patience for Poes and other deep-cover trolls these days. The Poes’ ardent counterparts do not understand the irony or take the hint; they just accept the satire’s premises as confirmation for their particular cognitive distortion. It can be a bit funny when a Poe uncloaks, but the “big reveal” is rarely productive; the non-Poes usually suppose the Poe was correct when arguing for their side, and wrong once they switch advocacy. This thinking is revealed when non-Poes refer back to known Poe products as “evidence” on their behalf.

    At this point, I treat people as they present themselves. If they want to disavow something later, they may well deserve blowback, especially if they’ve managed to erect barriers to understanding that actual discussion participants have to waste time dismantling. All of that assumes the trolling was at all relevant in the first place.

    For example, would it matter if Glenn Beck was insincere in his advocacy — if he was a Poe? Whether for money, attention, or love of the sport, he does spread a mix of jingoism and conspiracy theory that, among other ills, makes merely unreasonable political speech seem lucid by comparison. Beck and his sponsors do have free speech rights, and yes, he’s free to babble as long as he doesn’t explicitly advocate or engage in felonious behavior. Simultaneously, he’s worthy of derision and even some targeted opposition. He’s deceiving lots of well-meaning people, making them hate without reason and react without thought. It’s incumbent upon citizens who bear free speech rights to make active use of those rights, so that crackpots do not dominate our narrative.

  8. #8 Ender
    July 12, 2011

    Hello Russel and, shit, -the other guy I was having a long discussion with. Sorry I vanished I have recently taken on some new things and not had time to be discussing things on blogs, (apart from the last two days, but that’s from my moile in thailand so not suited for proper discussions)

    Sorry I vanished, maybe we’ll talk more about that or other stuff in the future. Interesting that you’re a physicist Russel, your perspective is very similar to my own, and I think I understand where you’re coming from – and I also studied physics (just to undergraduate level though).

    Hope you’re all well, goodbye.

  9. #9 NBR
    July 12, 2011

    It appears that the mere mention of Glen Beck – four brief lines by Josh – draws out torrents of loopiness, sort of like a poultice drawing venom and infection from a wound on the Body Politic. Sheesh! what a foul smell from these comments.

  10. #10 Captain patriot
    July 12, 2011

    Jesus did indeed command His disciples to care for the poor and the sick.

    However, Jesus did not command His disciples to be overlords over every aspect of human life. In Genesis, a much hated book by nerds and geeks and liberals and commies these days, God did charge Adam in keeping the garden and taking care of His creation. What God did not do was tell Adam to force mankind to adhere to government enviroment regulations that make the environment worse while becoming a totalitarian dictatorship.

    Thise silly CFL bulbs contain mercury. Now when hundreds of millions of those mercury laden bulbs start being smashed in garbage cans and end up in landfills and in the woods and on the side of the road like everything else, the whole world will be up to its ears in mercury becuase of some stupid dumbass in washington who felt the need to control someone rather than letting the individual make a choice.

    Of course I suppose the mercury will be cleaned up and used in more vaccines that cause autism. The circle just keeps going round and round.

    Also, Jesus told His diciples to care for the poor. He did not command them to use force of government to rob people of their earning so that the same government theives could distribute it amongst it constituents. No, He never said that. He also never said to kill babies (abortion), fore people to drink flouride water, jail people for growing food without the permission of almighty government (Michigan), nor did He ever command His disciples to kill millions of people in the name of the environment (Van Jones).

    The Bible also states that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and whoever curses Israel will be cursed. Guess you never read that part.

    Communism and socialism is satanically inspired and will be destroyed one day. The sooner the better.

    Liberals use the Bible to justify their commie goals while Biblical priciples justify destroying commie goals. Only through God can freedom be truly free. Government does not give rights. Most of the time it takes away rights.

    Like here on this very post a silly liberal used the Bible (which he probably does not believe to start with) to justify the communist healthcare system. Jesus NEVER justified an entire system of healthcare run by overlords and criminals and tyrants. He told INDIVIDUALS to take care of OTHER INDIVIDUALS. he never said for government to take complete control and jail or fine people for not complying with their manmade policies and mandates.

    Mike Adams and Byron Richards are doing exactly what the Bible requires. They help sick people to take of of themselves by using natural techniquies and supplements as well as getting away from big pharma and government mandates.

    Individual freedom is a God given right. man should have the right to treat himslef for sickness and to grow his own non GMO food in his own yard and create his own fule and power and water sources. A self sufficient man scare government. Government cannot exist without peasants to control.

  11. #11 Ender
    July 13, 2011

    On the subject of taxes he said “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s” – if you choose to ignore his commands why bother to call yourself a Christian? All you are doing is subscribing to a belief system that will see you and all your selfish ilk damned for your sins.

    The rest of your nonsense is just that – nonsense – neither socialism nor communism are addressed in the Bible, we are to make our own decisions on how we are to fulfill Jesus’ commands. If you sincerely believe that unfettered capitalism will do that, then more power to you, but there is nothing “satanic” about socialism or communism, that’s your own paranoia, or lies you have been fed by those who care more for profit than for Jesus’ truth.

    Your silly paranoia about healthcare is also silly. I’m English, I live in England, and use the NHS. My mother has cancer, leukemia to be specific. She has been hospitalised twice recently for infections as she is immune compromised. Did that impoverish us? (We don’t have enough money for unexpected healthcare bills) No, it did not, as we provide healthcare that is free at the point of delivery. She is doing well, thanks for asking.
    That is the ‘devil inspired system run by tyrants’ you fear so much. Not so scary really is it?

    You have been lied to. You have been fooled. Wake up. Reject the paranoia and devil-inspired fear that has taken a hold over your mind, and face the reality of the totally friendly and not-evil world that is out there.

  12. #12 Captain patriot
    July 13, 2011

    Good for you. You take your government controlled healthcare and I’ll take my freedom of choice. When my doctors tells me bad news i have the freedom of choice to persue other methods. You are commanded and controlled by government death panels. Good luck with that.

    I have heard horror stories about people waiting months for operations there. Some even die waiting to see a surgeon. has it happened in America? probabaly. But not as much as government controlled so called healthcare.

    What happens when you need a specific medication and the the government says that you are to old to invest that much money into? It happens under communist rule like in England. England is probably one the least free nations on earth. You guys are regulated to the hilt. I bet you can;t even fart without sotrmtroopers coming to your house to interrogate you about it. Fuck that. I take freedomeany day of the week over tyranny. You keep your system and we will keeep ours. How about that?

    You are already impoverished by being slaves of government. Taxed to death, regulated beyong human comprehension, and so forth. Who wants to live like that?

    Caesar was a vicious tyrant that wanted more control than he could handle. Much like your government and mine these days. He claimed the money as his own and may have even seen himself as a God. His thirst for power and control finally took his life. His own bodyguard rendered unto him what was his – his own knife killed him.

    The modern saying would be render to Obama what is Obama’s and to God what is God’s. In other words Jesus was telling the people that since caesar claimed ownership of these coins and it had his name and face marked on it, then let him have it if it was his.

    I agree with raising taxes in America. I say everyone who wants taxes raised should have THEIR taxes raised.

    Yes socialism is satanic. It involves stealing which is the opposite of Godlike. When you steal something from somone one and redistribute it among your constituents for more power and gain, then this is satanic.

    Karl Marx was an ass. As a matter of fact if a time machine if ever invented, i will use to go back in time and kick his lazy sorry good for nothing useless ass. I would make sure the father of socialism and communism never gets famous. I wouldn’t kill him, bt I would make sure he never sees the light of day to spread his message of the weak minded thugs of the world.

    Tell me. In that “healthcare” system of yours, do you get a choice in wether you participate or not, or are you forced to contribute? In bet you do not have freedom of choice in that regard do you? You still like tyranny better than freedom?

    I would be ok with American socilaists having their little fantasy of a “universal” healthcare system so long as those who choose not to contribute to it could be left out. In other words, we would not be forced into the system and forced to pay one single cent into it. It wold be a voluntary system. I would not have a problem with the liberals having their little utopia moment as long as they exluded those who choose freedom over control.

    Who knew that neanderthals had it made. Freedom. nature. Eat meat without liberals screaming at you and even if they do you just eat them for supper the next night. Man. What a life. Too bad evil men decided to create society. tribes rule.

  13. #13 Ender
    July 15, 2011

    Too late, I have e-mailed the Pope and the secret-protestant-Pope and you’re off the guest list. Sorry. You were too nuts or a Poe, and God doesn’t like either of them.

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