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Bad blogger

In case you wonder why I haven’t been blogging lately, something else came up.

Miles of smiles

In case you’ve been wondering, “Where’ve you been for the last month, Josh?,” the photo above gives a pretty good hint. Miles Nikola was born on May 4th, a healthy and beautiful 8 pounds 12 ounces. For the last month, he and his mama and I have been at home getting used to each other.…

Pascal’s lament and E. B. White

Long ago (1656), Blaise Pascal wrote an apologetic note that editors have been quoting at prolix writers ever since: The present letter is a very long one, simply because I had no leisure to make it shorter. Brevity is a key to effective writing, if nothing else because it’s hard to hold a reader’s attention,…

A year ago today

Good times, then and now.


Having a cold isn’t as much fun as you’d think. Back to regular blogging shortly. If you haven’t registered for SkeptiCal ’11 yet, there’s still time before Sunday.

I endorse this open letter

Janet Stemwedel has an open letter, and as someone who got the same ham-fisted promotions, and didn’t write about it for roughly the same reason (also I don’t care about silly putty), I can endorse her letter wholeheartedly.

Candy from strangers

Thanks to BoingBoing for this example of the importance of skepticism: A gang of thieves in Istanbul, Turkey have reportedly been dressing like doctors and distributing sedatives door to door, telling residents the medicine was related to a test for high blood pressure. Once the victims dosed, the thieves would rob them. As part of…


Via Laughing Squid, we learn that students at the UK’s Strode College were tasked with building outfits from cardboard packaging, and one created this whimsical number. If they’d just incorporate the technology from these prosthetic tentacles, this would be the greatest thing ever.


This is the awesomest thing EVAR!


If you aren’t following me on twitter, you really should. Like a lot of bloggers, I’ve taken to using twitter as a repository for minor commentary and individual links that aren’t quite deserving of their own blog post, but that still amuse me. So if you aren’t reading the twitter feed, you aren’t getting the…