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Hey, when’s the Superbowl this year?


Dear Archie McPhee, Please send me 20 finger tentacles (fingers AND toes). This is all I want for Christmas, except maybe tentacle prostheses. And if you know Morehouse Farm, please ask them to send along these adorable Hedgehog Mittens. Because hedgehogs are as adorable as cephalopods are awesome. Thanks, Josh

North Carolina

I’m off today for North Carolina, where I’ll be doing some library research, some talks at UNC and at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, and then a couple of sessions at Science Online. Expect blogging to be spotty, and I hope to see you at #scio11.

Open Lab 2010

Congrats to the bloggers chosen for the Open Lab blogging anthology. I was a judge this year, as I was last year, and it’s amazing how much really good science blogging is out there. Jason Goldman deserves enormous credit for taking on the difficult task of putting together not just the best science blog posts,…

Happy New Year!

And may every year suck less than the one before!

Happy New Year from the BCSE

The British Centre for Science Education sent this New Year’s note: Happy new year to our friends in the NCSE For those unfamiliar, this is the reference our friends across the pond are making. And a happy New Year to y’all as well!

Go see my brother-in-law Off-Broadway

The AP reviews my brother-in-law’s play: Campy aliens no drag in ‘Devil Boys From Beyond’: You can tell from the title that “Devil Boys From Beyond” intends to be fun, and the campy production that opened Saturday night at New World Stages does not disappoint. It’s a satiric, raunchy, all-male spoof of low-budget science-fiction films…


Still awful. Update: Link fixed.

No one could have predicted…

…that the fish biologist would pull a bait and switch.

Hey, look!

Rhadagast is blogging again! He was one of the big sciencebloggers when I started (that was August of 2004, so happy 6th blogiversary, TfKers), but took a 2 year hiatus. The proliferation of new sciencebloggers and new scienceblogging networks got me looking for people who I was reading back when it all started. Anyway, my…