Open Laboratory 2007

Science bloggers Bora Zivkovic (also known as Coturnix) and Reed Cartwright, assisted by a panel of judges, are putting together an anthology of science blog posts from the past year – and I’m honored to report that my post “Popcorn Lung Coming to Your Kitchen? The FDA Doesn’t Want to Know” is included.

Open Laboratory 2007, like the 2006 edition before it, will be published by and soon available for order. You can also read all of the blog posts by clicking on the links at A Blog Around the Clock. It’s fascinating collection, sure to amuse as well as to educate. Here are some of the posts that Pump Handle readers might find particularly interesting:

  • Notes from Україна shares the stories of workers who performed cleanup duties at Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster (and see parts II, III, IV).
  • Effect Measure explains how the flu virus infects its host, and how antiviral drugs can stop it – unless the virus is resistant.
  • Aetiology examines the practice of sharing breast milk for infants.
  • denialism blog reviews the history of treating erectile dysfunction.
  • Deep Sea News describes the threats facing the world’s oceans (and then offers a few rays of hope).
  • Pondering Pikaia describes mountaintop removal mining and the destruction it leaves behind.

There are also so terrific posts on how science is practiced, published, and communicated:

Thanks to the editors and judges for putting the collection together!