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Public health officials urge USDA to withdraw plan to “modernize” poultry inspection, worker and food safety will suffer

The Obama Administration’s quest to appease businesses’ claims about burdensome regulations awoke a giant in the form of the civil rights, public health and workers’ safety communities. From the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Council of LaRaza, to the American Public Health Association, the feedback on USDA’s proposal to “modernize” the poultry inspection process is loud and clear: scrap the idea because faster line speeds will take a grave toll on poultry plant workers.

A Modesto Bee series by Jocelyn Wiener documents the toll of inadequate mental health funding in Stanislaus County, California.

Why is the worker fatality rate in the cell-phone tower industry more than 10 times that in the construction industry? ProPublica and PBS Frontline investigate, and a former tower climber explains the pressures that lead to free climbing and other dangers.

Memorial Day 2012

As we remember and honor those who’ve lost their lives while serving this country, we should also think of those who grieve for them.

No longer a couch potato, the Mesothelioma cancer named Theo is back

Debbie Brewer, a 53-year-old mother of three, has mesothelioma. It’s most likely due to asbestos exposure from the work clothes of her father, who succumbed to his own asbestos-related disease in 2006.

A US poll of those with serious medical conditions finds concerns about the costs and quality of healthcare received in the past year — and research using non-poll data bears out fears about preventable medical errors, one of the major problems with healthcare quality.

Young widow ‘felt like a fool’ waiting to hear from OSHA

Six months after Maureen Revetta’s husband, Nick, 32, was killed by an explosion at the U.S. Steel plant in Clairton, PA, she was still waiting to hear from the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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The styrene industry objects to their product being listed as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen” in the National Toxicology Program’s latest Report on Carcinogens. They got a chance to describe anticipated impacts on their business in a House committee hearing.

House Republicans’ plan to raid the Prevention and Public Health Fund for money to prevent an increase in the student-loan interest rate is only the latest move to siphon off funds intended for public-health investments.