Archives for May, 2012

The New York Times’ Ian Urbina reports that the law limiting trucker hours has an exemption for oil and gas workers — and, not surprisingly, traffic crash fatality rates for this group are high.

Largest Hispanic civil rights group provoked by Obama USDA’s disregard for poultry plant workers

The nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization issued an action alert to its members urging them to tell USDA Secretary Vilsack to withdraw a proposed rule that would allow poultry plant operators to increase assembly line speeds to 175 birds per minute. The majority of employees in poultry processing are Hispanic or other vulnerable workers.

Federal judge Louis H. Pollak is being remembered for his keen legal mind and deep commitment to justice. Personally, I will remember him for his connection to my friend, Alan Berkman, founder of Health GAP.

Representative Jeff Flake’s mocks political science studies to advance a spending-bill amendment barring NSF funding of political science research.

Americans say they respect life and the rule of law, but not so much when it involves workers’ lives and safety hazards

The AFL-CIO’s annual “Death on the Job” report presents the painful truth that the penalty for employers who violate safety rules that lead to worker fatalities, is woefully inadequate. Our nation’s rhetoric about respect for life seems not to apply to working people who face serious hazards on-the-job.

National Police Week honors law enforcement officers who’ve been killed in the line of duty; OSHA tells Hyatt Hotels that housekeeping workers are at risk of ergonomic injuries; and a fire in a Phiippines clothing factory kills 17.

“Jared did everything right”

During a recent visit to Dallas, TX, family members who’ve lost loved ones from fatal work-related injuries heard something shocking from major U.S. corporation’s vice president for safety.

Advocates react to the Obama administration’s unexpected decision to drop proposed revisions to rules on children working in agriculture — an industry with a high fatality rate for young workers.

A new report from the Institute of Medicine recommends changing our environments to prevent obesity.

A study on use of new cookstoves in India finds that solving soot problems isn’t as simple as just giving people new stoves. Long-term use of equipment provided by aid groups is also an issue in water and sanitation projects.