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It’s not news that unemployment is bad for a person’s health. But it turns out that just the threat of unemployment is bad as well.

Occupational Health News Roundup

Warehouse workers employed by Walmart subcontractors march 50 miles to LA for safer working conditions; researchers investigate an alarming incidence of kidney disease among Sri Lankan farmers; and Washington, DC doesn’t know if employers are complying with its law requiring paid sick leave.

Making a neighborhood inhospitable for rattus norvegicus…RATS!

New York City’s Rat-Management Program integrates active surveillance, community outreach, training for property managers and code enforcement to tackle its population of rats.

This American Life’s “Back to School” episode pulls together research on how childhood trauma can leave people at greater risk for social impairment and health problems — and they talk to two women who’ve benefited from programs designed to address these disadvantages.

Is USDA serious? Inspecting a chicken in 1/3 of a second?

An animation created by the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards shows us the speed at which the USDA is proposing for its inspectors to find fecal contamination on poultry carcasses.

It really is a chemical world, which is bad news for people with asthma. According to a recent report, at this very moment from where I write, I’m surrounded by objects and materials that contain chemicals that are known or suspected asthmagens — substances that can act as asthma triggers if inhaled.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases new data about fatal occupational injuries, including the sectors where the most workers died and how they were injured.

There are two ways to reduce fatalities from vehicle crashes: prevent crashes, and make the ones that happen less deadly.

Optimism and the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Recent biomedical advances in AIDS research have allowed political figures such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to proclaim that the phenomenon of a generation without HIV/AIDS is within reach. But how well-founded is this optimism?

It’s official, 50 cancers added to eligible diseases covered by World Trade Center health program

In response to the findings and recommendations of a scientific expert panel, the World Trade Center Health Program will now consider certain cancers a covered health condition.