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Funny cats and disaster preparedness. It’s a marriage made in Internet heaven.

The New York Times’ Roger Cohen may dismiss organic agriculture, but new research on the effects of pesticides on developing brains gives a reason to reduce the use of organophosphate pesticides.

OSHA rulemaking activity in the year before a Presidential Election

Since 2000, major regulatory activities by OSHA do indeed slow down during a Presidential election year compared to the year preceding it.

Don’t blame the messenger, calls to save NTP’s Report on Carcinogens

Producers and users of styrene and formaldehyde can’t handle the truth about those compounds’ carcinogenicity, and use their friends in Congress to punish the messenger.

Occupational Health News Roundup

California’s legislature passes a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights; a fire at a Venezuelan oil refinery kills 41; and researchers publish findings on construction workers and former NFL players.

Another study, another support beam in the argument that access to insurance coverage matters — a lot.

States and localities take on poor working conditions, safety hazards

In the final section of our new report “The Year in U.S. Occupational Health & Safety,” we end on a high note. We profile a number of new laws at the state and local levels to improve working conditions for Americans and protect them from serious health and safety hazards.

The year in worker health & safety: action (and not) on the federal scene

In our new report “The Year in U.S. Occupational Health & Safety,” we devote one section to key activities by the Obama Administration and the U.S. Congress.

The CIA’s Vaccination Ruse

The public health community needs to break its silence about the CIA’s sham vaccination program that’s being used as a cover for spying operations in Pakistan.

A new study finds that spending $1 million on coastal habitat restoration creates far more jobs than investing the same money in fossil-fuel industries.