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Saving Boston victims’ lives and limbs required a well-coordinated response from emergency medical teams, the city’s emergency command center, and hospital staff. Such coordination requires ongoing planning, and planning requires funding.

Worker safety provisions in Senate immigration reform bill

A quick review of the bi-partisan Senate immigration reform bill reveals a few provisions related to workplace safety.

$70 million owed by mine operators for unpaid safety penalties, time for “boot” device equivalent

In many cities, traffic control officers will “boot” are vehicle if it’s racked up too many unpaid parking tickets. It’s time for an equivalent sanction for employers who violate labor laws and refuse to pay the penalties.

For Angel Nava, Chicago’s newly adopted wage theft ordinance is particularly personal. Until recently, Nava had worked at the same car wash business in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood for 14 years. The 55-year-old employee did it all — washing, detailing, buffing — for about 50 hours each week. Then, his boss decided to stop paying overtime.

Although Philadelphia’s City Council fell one vote short of overriding a veto of the city’s paid sick leave bill, paid sick leave efforts are gaining steam nationwide.

Occupational Health News Roundup

Wage theft, employee misclassification, and unsafe workplaces are alarmingly common in the Texas construction industry; the Philadelphia City Council fails to override a veto of a paid sick leave law; and immigrant workers in the US with temporary visas face uncertainty.

Going back for seconds at all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets

Researchers with Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab observe diners’ behavior to predict the number of trips they’ll make to the buffet at all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants.

The court decision striking down age restrictions for non-prescription sale of emergency contraceptives is good news for public health — and, let’s hope, the end of a long and disturbing episode in the history of US contraceptives.

Two new books illustrate how and why the US system for regulating chemicals often fails to adequately protect human health.

Remembering the 29 men who were killed 3 years ago today at WV coal mine

Three years ago today, 29 miners died at the Upper Big Branch coal mine.