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On Feb. 13, 2012, Honey Stecken gave birth to her daughter Maren. Everything appeared perfectly fine — she ate and slept and did all the things a baby does. Even after a couple weeks at home in South Fork. Colo., with her newborn little girl, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Media outlets across the country covered Workers’ Memorial Week events; the death toll in the Bangladesh factory collapse has passed 400; and OSHA has launched a new initiative to protect temporary workers.

“It was up to the locals,” insists State officials about explosion risk at West Fertilizer

The first public hearing to examine the circumstances that led to the catastrophic April 17 explosion at West Fertilizer was held. Texas State lawmakers heard testimony from eight State agencies.

FDA lowers the age limit for purchasing emergency contraceptive Plan B — and makes an important change to how the drug can be sold.