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Over the course of 48 hours, gunmen shot and killed eight vaccination workers in and around Karachi and Peshawar.

December 1 was World AIDS Day, and this year’s theme is “Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation.”

Worker safety wishlist for Obama’s second term

Now that the Presidential election is over, it’s time for the Labor Department to kick into high gear expand workers’ rights and ensuring workers’ lives and health are protected. Here’s my wish list of tasks for the Labor Department to accomplish in the next 6 months:

Is USDA serious? Inspecting a chicken in 1/3 of a second?

An animation created by the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards shows us the speed at which the USDA is proposing for its inspectors to find fecal contamination on poultry carcasses.

The fact that an International AIDS Conference is happening in the US is a big deal — and the Washington, DC location is meaningful not only because this is the nation’s capital, but because the District has a high rate of HIV infections.

Stacey Singer of The Palm Beach Post used Florida’s sunshine law to request info on the state’s extensive tuberculosis outbreak, which hadn’t been explained to the public.

Public health officials urge USDA to withdraw plan to “modernize” poultry inspection, worker and food safety will suffer

The Obama Administration’s quest to appease businesses’ claims about burdensome regulations awoke a giant in the form of the civil rights, public health and workers’ safety communities. From the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Council of LaRaza, to the American Public Health Association, the feedback on USDA’s proposal to “modernize” the poultry inspection process is loud and clear: scrap the idea because faster line speeds will take a grave toll on poultry plant workers.

Today is World Malaria Day, and the World Health Organization has launched a new initiative, dubbed T3: Test, Treat, Track. It urges countries where malaria is endemic to test every suspected malaria case, treat every confirmed case with anti-malarial medicine, and track the disease with “timely and accurate surveillance systems.” The good news is that…

by Kim Krisberg A couple weeks ago on the southern-most tip of the continental United States in Key West, nearly 70 residents gathered at a town hall meeting to talk about mosquitoes. And not just any mosquito. A special, genetically modified mosquito designed to protect people’s health. While the modified mosquito has yet to make…

Two years ago, a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, killing 300,000 Haitians and leaving 1.5 million homeless. Nine months later, a cholera epidemic began — its first victim a 28-year-old man who bathed in and drank from a river that was likely contaminated by raw sewage from an encampment of UN peacekeepers from Nepal. Half a…