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Recent pieces address the potential impacts of ACA repeal, the latest Zika research, and an investigation into whether Agent Orange might have increased the risk of birth defects in veterans’ children.

Recent pieces address the idea of shifting funds from Planned Parenthood to community health centers; the effectiveness of Washington, DC’s needle exchange; the spread of tickborne diseases; and pieces by and about neurologist and author Oliver Sacks.

Best headline on SCOTUS ACA decision: “Six million sighs of relief”

A few of my favorite quotes from health groups in response to the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

$569 million. That’s how much revenue community health centers will miss out on because their state legislators decided not to expand Medicaid eligibility. The loss means that many community health centers will continue to struggle to serve all those in need, others will have to cut back on services and some could be forced to shut down altogether.

A new report investigates how many patients community health centers will be able to serve in 2020. The numbers vary substantially under different scenarios of federal funding and the number of states expanding Medicaid eligibility.

Denying undocumented immigrants access to the ACA’s main avenues for the uninsured has implications for the hospitals and health centers that serve uninsured people.

A new study finds that in states that pay lower Medicaid fees, fewer physicians are accepting new Medicaid patients.

Earlier this week, the Geiger Gibson/ RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative released a policy research brief that estimates the impact of the House of Representatives’ proposed reduction in funding to community health centers. (Full disclosure: the Geiger Gibson program is part of the George Washington University’s School of Public Health & Health Services, where…