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Businessman’s problem: Workers can’t keep up with the machines

The story was about US immigration policy, but my-oh-my what it said about working conditions in poultry processing plants.

Worker safety provisions in Senate immigration reform bill

A quick review of the bi-partisan Senate immigration reform bill reveals a few provisions related to workplace safety.

All-time high migrant death rate along US-Mexico border: prevention in immigration reform?

The death rate among individuals crossing illegally the U.S.-Mexico border reached an all-time high in 2012. Focusing on labor law enforcement, rather than border enforcement, could be a solution to the death toll.

Florida farmworkers’ wages: Pick 32 pounds of tomatoes, earn 50 cents, and Senators admit they know it

Subsistence wages, unsafe working and living conditions and hard labor describe the work life of many U.S. farm workers. The Senate’s bi-partisan immigration reform plan may help to change this reality.