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Authors of a new study report a 17-fold increase in the incidence of congenital birth defects at an Iraqi hospital, and draw a link between this increase and lead and mercury contamination from bullets and bombs.

The cost of the Iraq war

J. Freedom du Lac reports in the Washington Post that Army Spec. David Emanuel Hickman, killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad on November 14th, was the 4,474th US servicemember to be killed in Iraq. With all the US troops now gone from Iraq, Hickman’s death may well be the last servicemember fatality directly attributed…

A Broken Process on Burn Pits

Liz and Celeste are on vacation, so we’re re-posting some content from our old site. By Liz Borkowski, originally posted 11/6/09 Earlier today, the Senate Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing on the use of burn pits for trash at military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan – a practice that may be exposing thousands of…