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Ezra Klein talks to Bill Gates and Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber about investing in disease prevention and the tradeoffs in healthcare spending decisions.

My favorite part of President Obama’s 2013 inaugural address.

Medicaid is an important program that would suffer if the federal government cut its contributions.

When it comes to disaster preparedness and to healthcare, the two presidential candidates have fundamentally different approaches.

In the west Texas city of San Angelo, Planned Parenthood has been serving local women since 1938. It was one of the very first places in Texas to have a family planning clinic. Now, due to state policy and funding changes, the clinic’s ability to serve all those in need is on shaky ground.

Unlike Mitt Romney, who has often declined to provide specifics about policies he’d pursue as president, Paul Ryan has been very clear about what he thinks the government should do.

A new study finds that in states that pay lower Medicaid fees, fewer physicians are accepting new Medicaid patients.

Several more experts have addressed the Supreme Court’s decision to make the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion optional for states.