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Previous research has documented a link between downturns in the economy and suicide among adults. But how do those downturns ripple throughout families and communities, and in particular, how do massive job losses affect the mental health of teens? A new study has found that, sadly, many teens are not immune to the stress of a struggling economy.

Women aren’t the only ones at risk for depression and in need of screening services when a new baby comes into their lives. Young fathers face significant mental health challenges as well, according to a new study.

It’s probably no surprise that people who experienced foreclosures during the Great Recession may have also experienced symptoms of depression. However, researchers have found that the mental health effects of foreclosure go beyond the individual to the community at-large.

The World Health Organization is working to address unmet needs for mental health care in low- and middle-income countries, but a lack of research is making it hard to prioritize disorders and understand how best to reach individuals in need of care.

Exploring reliable links between work and depression, which is a significant health and economic burden for individuals as well as society, is somewhat murky. But a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health used two analytic strategies to address such criticism.

It’s not news that unemployment is bad for a person’s health. But it turns out that just the threat of unemployment is bad as well.

A Modesto Bee series by Jocelyn Wiener documents the toll of inadequate mental health funding in Stanislaus County, California.

by Kim Krisberg Joy Jay has the sweetest Southern accent you’ll ever hear. It’s the kind of accent that makes her news about the state of mental health services in South Carolina harder to hear than usual. “Mental health has taken some of the biggest (funding) cuts of any agency in the state,” said Jay,…

DC’s Capital Bikeshare program has had a fantastic first year. Stations full of sturdy red bikes have been popping up all over the city, and the system logged its one millionth ride one the eve of its first anniversary. Members can take a bike from any of the more than 100 stations, and the ride…

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Deborah Sontag’s New York Times story about the murder of 25-year-old mental health worker Stephanie Moulton, allegedly at the hands of schizophrenic patient DeShawn Chappell, is a moving exploration of two grieving families and the many challenges facing the mental health care system. Deborah Sontag’s New York Times story about the murder of 25-year-old mental…