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OSHA throws book at contractor for trenching death. I hear lame excuses for ignoring risk

DJ Meyer died when the trench he was working in collapsed around him. OSHA has proposed a $712,000 penalty against the company. When these incidents occur, what excuses does OSHA hear from the employers?

Not an “accident”: Gerald Thompson, 51 suffers fatal work-related injury in Lakeville, MN

This week’s snapshot of just one work-related fatality in the US. This one occurred on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Those who work to prevent death, disease, and disasters often have a thankless task – if they do their jobs well, people rarely notice. But two OSHA inspectors recently saved workers’ lives in a very visible way, and the agency wrote about it on their blog, (Work in Progress). Trench collapses are an all-too-common occurrence,…