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Boycott! Don Blankenship’s propaganda film about Upper Big Branch disaster

Don Blankenship is marking the 4th anniversary of the Upper Big Branch mine disaster with a propaganda film. Boycott it!

OSHA lists 147 employers as “Severe Violators” of worker safety standards

What do Kraft Foods Global, Tyson Foods, Sea World and Lucas Oil Production Studio have in common? They are four of the 147 employers identified by OSHA as “severe violators” of worker health and safety standards. Earlier this month, federal OSHA posted on its website a document listing employers in 30 States who meet the…

Labor Day is a memorial day if your loved one went to work but never came home

Karen Lubanty recounts: “He kissed me goodbye, told me he’d call me at work later. He kissed Jennifer goodbye. That was it, he never came home.” Her husband, Walter Lubanty, was killed in October 2006 while working at a Tilcon NY Inc. plant in Wharton, NJ. He was crushed by 75 tons of steel. The…