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Classic books – Download at Google Books

Fun stuff. Search and download. See the announcement. A fable I liked from Aesop’s Fables book below. We call this desensitization in the modern lingo.

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prizes

The Oscars of Indian Science have been awarded. Read about it at nanopolitan. For those interested in looking this up in wikipedia, the pages on Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award lacks details and could use some updates. The Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar page is yet to be created.

You Can’t Start Young Enough

Very cool page at the AAAS Kids section.You can also upload a picture and create an instant genius out of your favorite person.

Lifecycle of energy economies

Heard on the BBC today morning, spoken by someone high up at the AAAS (President?) . I am paraphrasing. “The global energy systems investments (oil rigs, coal mines, distribution, refineries, etc) are about 12 trillion dollars and it takes about 30 to 40 years to change their character (from coal and oil to, say, renewables).”…

Science is dead

A satire here. [via]

Raghu , Ketu and Pluto

On the occasion of Pluto being booted out of its planetary status, guess who is using it as a promotional event? Astrologers in India, thats who. “Indian astrology is mathematically concerned with the nine planets, two of which are Raghu and Ketu that are nothing but derivatives from the diameter of earth, which is a…

Suspend your disbelief

The next target group for penis enlargement ads has been identified. It’s the polar bears whose member has been retreating because of all the harmful chemicals they ingest. Suspend your disbelief and go read Maggie Wittlin’s recent posting of I Can’t Believe It’s Science at Seed Magazine.

Poincare conjecture

A comprehensive article at The New Yorker on Perelman, PoincarĂ© conjecture and the politics of math. Perelman, as you might have read, refused the Fields medal – the nobel prize like award for math. From the article, Mikhail Gromov, the Russian geometer, said that he understood Perelman’s logic: “To do great work, you have to…

Republican War on Science

Chris Mooney, author and science blogger who blogs here at The Intersection, has his landmark book Republican War on Science out on paperback. The accompanying War on Science website has much for your scientific eyes that is rebelling against the administration’s war on science. Chris has generously offered a complimentary copy to fellow bloggers at…

The count of my ancestors

I thoroughly enjoy the Last Word feature of New Scientist where the readers pose and answer questions amongst themselves. The questions are hilarious sometimes and always informative. Case in point: The question about the awful smell of human droppings. Another question asked and yet unanswered is this. I am paraphrasing here. “If I try to…