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“The Dog” by Vasily Grossman

A short story at Prospect by Vasily Grossman (Yikes! Just noticed that it needs Subscription to view in full.) He would look into the dog’s eyes. These kind eyes, not the eyes of Niels Bohr, would be the first to look into the cosmos, to see cosmic space that was not limited by the earth’s…

Zuska, the Avenging Angel of Angry Women

Thus Spake Zuska – a new blog added to scienceblogs. Zuska spoke thusly, I verbally bludgeon morons, celebrate the fabulousness of techie women, and encourage every female to release her Inner Pissed-Off Woman. Woot!

Stem Cells Explained

Here at the University of Michigan website. It is neatly done presentation aimed at you ane me, the intelligent science reader. In other news, a research breakthrough where stem cells can be produced without destroying human embryos might be what researchers were looking for in the US.

Feedburner Feed updates

Apparently, I had screwed up the feed burner feed here. My bloglines subscription for this blog was showing no signs of activity for the past few days. It’s fixed now.

Khayyam on the finger

Omar Khayyám was an accomplished mathematician and an astronomer although he is most often remembered for Rubaiyat. That one line introduction out of way, let’s get to the finger part. Khayyám wrote thusly, “The Moving Finger writes, and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half…

G B Shaw on War

To nature, the life of an empire is no more than the life of a swarm of bees, and a thousand years are of lesser count than half an hour to you and me. Now the moral of that is that we must not depend on any sort of divine providence to put a stop…

Malnutrition – India’s Silent Crisis

Dilip writes in How the Other Half Lives , “Malnourishment, particularly of kids, has been in the news in recent weeks and months. In Guna district of Madhya Pradesh (check this photo essay), in Orissa, in Maharashtra’s Melghat, and even in Bombay. Is this a new phenomenon? Not at all. Malnutrition has been an Indian…

Sterotypes – An artful exposition

An artful way to expose the unreasonable assumptions we make when we stereotype people. Click around. Surprise yourself. [via]

Here’s the news at Reuters that’s reporting on the gods who shall not be denied the worldly pleasures. After drinking milk, it appears that the next logical step for gods would be fondling udders. Thousands of people flocked to temples across India on Monday following reports that idols of Hindu gods were drinking milk given…

Freeze me up, scotty!

The latest Make Podcast has a PDF download that provides some helpful instructions for freezing snails and reviving them back. The snails, I have been informed, take a rather cold view of my characterization about the instructions being ‘helpful’. The PDF also has some fascinating history about a scientist called Basile Luyet who did some…