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Sense of the Absurd

“Blogger. N. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do,”, kindly ventures Guy Kawasaki. Shit. There’s no middle ground for bloggers, is there? Bloggers either hold their gaze steadily to their navel or fanatically bludgeon their flailing egos. Anyho, go Heighten Your Sense of the Absurd.

Flossing your way to a healthy heart

Floss and you shall have a healthy heart. There’s a whole load of fun stuff at The Register’s Odd Body page.

Looking young – The Secret

A joke I heard over the beebs as I was driving today. I paraphrase. An old lady was talking to a friend. The Friend: “You seem quite happy and in good shape. What’s the secret?” Old Lady: “I have two packs of cigarette everyday. Drink a bottle of whiskey every week and gorge on fatty…

Holy Cow WTF

“This will be a scientific horoscope which will be prepared on the basis of genes and chromosomes of the animals,” said DK Singh, additional Director, BAU. Link Scientific horoscopes?! IMHO, ‘Additional’ Director and his esteemed university should stop screwing the cows and get their heads out of their behinds (yes, the cow’s behind). [via Amit.…

Kurinji Flower – Its days are numbered?

Kurinji is a flowering plant found in the southern parts of India. It blooms once every 12 years. You heard it. Every 12 years! And, what are we doing to it? Killing it. That’s what. Take a look at this page that shows how the habitat has been destroyed. Save Kurinji Campaign website. [via Independent]

At Richard Dawkins personal website.

Unstrung in the New Yorker

An excellent essay on the current state of physics at The New Yorker by Jim Holt. It is the best of times in physics. Physicists are on the verge of obtaining the long-sought Theory of Everything. In a few elegant equations, perhaps concise enough to be emblazoned on a T-shirt, this theory will reveal how…

The God Delusion by Dawkins

The God Delusion is the new book by Richard Dawkins. Readers of Dawkins would already know Dawkins position on religion. Beebs has an interview with Dawkins in it’s Newsnight programme. You can watch the video online. Quite interesting. Prospect Magazine has a review which is worth a read if you want to see the kind…

The Wretched Life of a Bee

Over at balancinglife, Sunil has a post on a bee which runs the official air-taxi service a certain beetle larvae. The elaborate mechanism by which the beetle larvae finds a place to feed is astounding. You can also listen to one of the authors of the paper talk about this at the recent Quirks &…

A gravity well is a hole dug out in space for frogs to live in. No one knows who put the frogs in there. The well keeps the frogs inside and the frogs have been suspicious of Something Beyond for a while now. They’ve been trying hard to see the Outside. Unfortunately, even the most…