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Kurinji Flower – Its days are numbered?

Kurinji is a flowering plant found in the southern parts of India. It blooms once every 12 years. You heard it. Every 12 years! And, what are we doing to it? Killing it. That’s what. Take a look at this page that shows how the habitat has been destroyed. Save Kurinji Campaign website. [via Independent]


  1. #1 Kuttan
    September 27, 2006

    Thanks selva for pointing out this issue. Though I lived a considerable part of my life in Kerala and has also been to Munnar several times. I never was able to see these wonderful plants and I wonder how much of them would be left when it time for next blooming which would be in 2018. I seriously hope the local governments realize the seriousness of the issue.

  2. #2 gaddeswarup
    September 28, 2006

    A few months ago, I enquired about Kurinji in a (mainly Tamil) discussion group. Some links and information can be found there:

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