The Scientific Indian

Hurray! Without further delay, here are the results of TheScian Science Fiction Short Story Contest 2006!

1. ‘The Asylum at Bergen’ by Aditya Sudarshan (Winning entry)

2. ‘To Sleep Perchance to Dream’ by Rohinton Daruwala (second best)

3. ‘Now We Live a Full Lifespan’ Cyril M Gupta (third best)

The other stories that I and the other panelists liked, ordered according to their scores:
4. ‘WATERSMOKE’ by Rajat Chaudhuri
5. ‘Cell Death’ Chetan Rao
6. ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ by Manisha Lakhe
7. ‘The Forgotten Future’ by Ramnath R Iyer
8. ‘The Entomologist Laughs Last’ by Vivek Nityananda
9. ‘The Experiment’ by Phani V K

Congratulations to the winners! Your cheque will be on it’s way shortly.

The above listed stories are up at for your reading pleasure.
The longer index is at

It took me a couple of hours to massage the formatting! I thought I just had to average the scores and publish…

I am very grateful for the panelists for their time. My thanks to all the participants. It was fantastic reading all the stories. I particularly enjoyed the ones above and all are my favorites. There’s much to talk about. The themes, story development, character, plot … Hop over to the discussion forum in The Kitchen. Myself and the other panelists would be glad to engage in a discussion. I know Sunil (one of our panelist), is hoping for a good discussion on the stories and the rankings.