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The Chopra Effect

Let me put it mildly. Mr Deepak Chopra’s post on Dawkins book is an intellectual abomination. [via Pharyngula] The kind of vomit only a cauldron of idiocy can spew out. Chopra calls a muddled rant on color perception as a thought experiment and asks us to give up on scientifically analyzing the workings of our brain. The comments do a good job of showing why his argument is non-sensical so I won’t do that here. Instead, let me suggest a thought experiment. Read Chopra’s post with a critical and rational eye. I can predict with certainty that you will imagine yourself to be pulling your hair out, ripping and throwing your right hand at the monitor, banging your head on the table repeatedly and swearing like no one has ever done.

I was spot on. Wasn’t I? This is known as The Chopra Effect and is considered to be most harmful effect a human can have on another.


  1. #1 schizo
    December 1, 2006

    Good link, only, I couldn’t make any sense of the unconnected declarations made mr chopra.
    Oh, sorry, is that your point?


  2. #2 Karthik
    December 4, 2006

    I am an atheist myself but I do feel the following: (doesn’t pertain to the god existence question.. just general statements)

    1) Reductionism may have gone too far.
    2) Pseudoscience is more dangerous than religion.
    3) Non acceptance of alternative theories or being closed to new ideas (within the scientific world) is quite unlike science and science is infact increasingly becoming quite similar to religion where blind following is taking over from the scientific method.

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