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If you see little boxes or some such things instead of sensible characters below, it is because of the reasons outlined in the comments. To view the tamil text you can temporarily switch the charset to utf-8 in your browser. More help is here. ஊர் – ஓர் ஒளிப்பதிப்பு தமிழ் மொழியின் வரலாற்றை மிக அருமையான ஒளிப்பதிவாக விளக்கியிருக்கிறார்…

Three kinds of people

Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask what happened. -From a book on Entrepreneurship. Going out to make coffee happen for me now. Have a good weekend and try to stay sane the coming year.

Climbing Mount Cone Icecream

We’ve evolved with a craving for sugar because as hungry and starved hunters and gathereres it helped us gobble food sources rich in energy whenever they were available (which wasn’t often). I like icecream – particularly the ones with the edible cone, because I’ve evolved to like it. Now, for the alleged saliva stopper question.…


Apparently Churches have lightning conductors in their towers. Muhaha… Source: Ascribed to Asimov in the footnotes of The Science of Discworld III

Sons, sons and more sons!

What has the world come to! “…when a bride was chosen for a prince ready to sow his oats, the search would begin for a princess from a family that had a long line of sons. That was of critical importance, and people had observed that sons of families with many sons tended to have…

Richard Dawkins visits South Park – YouTube

In case you missed it.

I accidentally caught the program titled The Trouble With Atheism yesterday on Channel4. I was astonished to find the host Rod Liddle make so many factual errors, erraneous interpretations and misrepresentations. It felt like my brain was being fried constantly. I am feeling very charitable today so let me just say the program is a…

Scienceblogs – Year in Science

Lookie! Yours truly is amongst august company. Now, now, you would order a special subscription for Seed Magazine that has this fine portrait, wouldn’t you (7 issues for 15 bucks. W00t!). While there, how can you resist a few gift subscriptions…

Fanatically irreligious?

A reader posted a comment suggesting that I was fanaticaly irreligious. He said, “I am not sure why you have such a fanatic view against religion. It is man’s interpretation of it that has caused religion to be a cause of conflict. The concept itself does not have any reason for the conflict.” and went…

Fancy a visit to this Fucking Village?

I meant it. It’s in Austria. [via]