The Scientific Indian

Sons, sons and more sons!

What has the world come to!

“…when a bride was chosen for a prince ready to sow his oats, the search would begin for a princess from a family that had a long line of sons. That was of critical importance, and people had observed that sons of families with many sons tended to have more sons.”

sez Sunil where he discusses a recent research that delves into people’s thumbrule for ensuring reproductive success.

This and more are featured in the newest edition of Tangled Bank at Salto sobrius which

“will not cease until lush rainforest grows up to the very foundations of St Nicholas’s icy fastness at the North Pole, and his elves all take up bikini-waxing! We will not rest until Yuletide celebrations involve fruity drinks with paper umbrellas, Hawaii shirts and surfing! Then we shall bask in the light of the midnight sun, at the balmy shores of a tepid North Atlantic, as we gloat over our victory upon the red-clad hohoho’s son and his polar-bear minions.”

Santa, be scared. Very scared. Enjoy.