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Newspapers and me

I and the wife were having coffee on Saturday. For the past two weekends I have been buying the weekend newspaper and not reading it. Ramya mentioned this and reminded me not to bother this time. Like most men above the age of thirty, I like news – a lot. But newspapers do not seem to cut it for me. I reasoned thus: Those who are on the internet have a lot of news sources and are used to hearing different viewpoints. In fact, the variety of views is the norm. I can always click around and find what many folks think of a certain event. Consider, religion. I hear Dawkins and then I also hear E O Wilson. I may agree with them both. Or disagree with them both. I get on to their body of work available online and explore further. This does not necessariy mean I spend hours reading. A few choice articles is good enough to form an immediate opinion and keep my interest piqued. On the other hand, when reading a newspaper there is very little room for clicking around. The boundaries are rigid and the validation or refutation of my personal opinions are so delayed I might as well not bother.


  1. #1 witnwisdumb
    January 29, 2007

    That was concise, but it had much appeal. Methinks you should do more of these posts where you don’t just link to something else!

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