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Now, now, let’s not get so excited

Still, how can I not point to this discussion.

What does the aging world need

Vindaloo and tandoori, of course. A comprehensive summary of current scientific research about the medical properties of turmeric.

Lord hanuman needs your help. Here’s the list of pleas that I received from his tailiness. 1. Ganesha is a fat bugger. Send the damned milk my way. 2. Anyone without a tail must wear one. 3. Don’t eat the banana in front of me, you insensitive clod! 4. Send all your money to the…

Milk and silly human genes

“Got milk?”, asks Sunil. A delicious post on lactose intolerance in humans and how evolution has herded (so to speak) our silly genes into overcoming it.

PSLV – Space Capsule Recovered

One small capsule in the ocean, a giant leap for ISRO. In a pathbreaking event heralding its arrival as a space power with capability to recover an orbiting satellite, India today successfully brought back a spacecraft to earth, giving a new impetus to the proposed manned mission to space in the next decade. A 550-kg…

What a hat!

The magnificient Sombrero galaxy in infrared taken by Spitzer. A suitable hat for that wandering one-eyed turtle, perhaps.

Big Bother in the UK and India

Yes. You read that right. A really big bother. It’s all over the BBC here. People in the UK and India have suddenly discovered reality shows. Racist slur on Shilpa! The Indian movie star has found herself on a show that is insulting! And, there are women who insult other women! Surprise, surprise. Reality shows…

Failure of Market Economies

“For market economies, and the Western model of democracy with which they have been associated, the existential challenge for the foreseeable future will be global warming. Other threats like terrorism may well be damaging, but no other conceivable threat or combination of threats can possibly destroy our entire system. As the recent British official commission…

The Church of Google

Over here. There are some hilarious hate mails there for your amusement. If you want some serious stuff about google, our future and whatever would become of it all, go here.

The Science Blogging Anthology

The Science Blogging Anthology – collection of some of the finest science blogging in a book form edited by our very own sleepless blogger.