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You must believe. It’s Science.

Here. Always good fun.

Too Skeptical?

Too skeptical for our own good. That’s how someone characterized many scientists and science teaching on BBC Radio 4. I was listening yesterday morning where Lewis Wolpert*, the scientist and another gentlemen – apparently religious, whose name I forgot – were guests. Wolpert is an avowed atheist who was startled at one point when the…

My Google Searches

Some personal search statistics from 2006. Almost all of these searches were done when I was not aware of google collecting data on my searches. I am mildly shocked – particularly when considering these numbers only represent a part of my actual searches and not the searches done when logged out. Addicted to Google, I…

Piet Hein

          To Martin Gardner “Lines that are parallel meet at Infinity!” Euclid repeatedly, heatedly,     urged Until he died. and so reached that vicinity: in it he found that the damned things     diverged. *Poem quoted from the book Imaginary Numbers *Piet Hein

Inidbloggies 2006 – Results Announced

Over here. Arunn of Nonoscience takes the second prize in Sci/Tech category. Wonderful. Congrats to all the winners and pariticipants. Cheers, beers, etc. We should hopefully have separate categories for Science and Technology next year. There are lot of excellent science blogs and it would be good not to lump them with tech blogs that…

Ubuntu updates. “Hello Mom”

So, you read my story a while back and want to know how are things now. Thanks for asking. Things have gone from ‘no more tech support’ to ‘my mother does her own installation’. She has installed amsn to do video chat with us (take that Skype). amsn works across platforms and uses my iSight…

Sex ratio in China

A Beebs report on the looming sex ratio problem in China that caught my attention.


The large insect – almost two feet in length – was hiding in the loft. It looked like an enlarged scorpion with the legs and head of a cockroach. I could see it hiding because the antennae were visible and rubbing the walls. I stood transfixed at the door, my body shivering with excitement and…

It helps to be sick

Being sick helps you survive says Sharon Moalem, author of Survival of the Sickest. A condition where the body stores a lot of iron may have led to the the survival of a large number of people after the years of Black Death, the author describes in a New Scientist article. “Iron overload was once… – Moving Host – Updated

I hope to move to a new host over this weekend. Sit tight. I am also hoping to make some changes to the site. All in the coming weeks. First the move, though. Update: Alright. We’ve moved On the way we lost some weight. Kitchen is closed. Many thanks for those who dropped…