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Sex ratio in China

A Beebs report on the looming sex ratio problem in China that caught my attention.


  1. #1 bharath
    February 26, 2007

    yeah, this is a big problem. I don’t exactly know anyone who has detailed the social problems that are associated with this. its clearly a scary problem for men (not so much for women). but what are the consequences?

  2. #2 rick
    November 15, 2007

    yes..I’ve been aware of this for 2 years..the ratios are crazy, especially in South China where it might be 130/100 male/female babies.

    what is also occuring is a sizable exodus from China of marriagable women..there is a black market to determine the sex of a fetus, because it’s now illegal to have ultra-sound tests

    this is a clear case of gendercide and the impications are far reaching and will remain for some years..

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