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i-5941adc12215bd4d37bb07a055d48b09-GSearchStat.jpg Some personal search statistics from 2006. Almost all of these searches were done when I was not aware of google collecting data on my searches. I am mildly shocked – particularly when considering these numbers only represent a part of my actual searches and not the searches done when logged out. Addicted to Google, I suppose. We all are, isn’t it.


  1. #1 Natti
    February 26, 2007

    Did you block any websites recently through google..
    I remember posting with my link on your website and a couple of days since then my webpage does not come up on google search results.
    Just checking

  2. #2 bharath
    February 26, 2007

    you should stay logged in and see what the numbers are. in fact I will do the same and we can try and compare and see for fun if we can do any reverse analysis on numbers. the more people join in the merrier.

    also can you give a link to the google website that has these statistics

  3. #3 Selva
    February 27, 2007

    >link to the google website that has these statistics

    Sign in to see your search history.

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