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Ponvandu: A Peacock among the insects

The little boy went to the corner of the hut and fished out a matchbox from his school bag. He had not told anyone about his secret pet: A Ponvandu*. The colorful insect emerged out of the matchbox when he slid the lid off; its body iridescent as it reflected the morning sunlight in myriad…

Very Mental

It has been a while since I click-scratched google’s back. So here. *grin*. There’s more if you have clicks to spare.

English Language: The Best Kept Secret

“The Elements of Style”. Prescriptive. Precise. Buy it for the elegant introduction by E B White. Read the original text online.

“Freeze”, said the Squid

Flashing giant squids at the beebs. The video is scary. Enormous deep-sea squid emit blinding flashes of light as they attack their prey, research shows. Taningia danae’s spectacular light show was revealed in video footage taken in deep waters off Chichijima Island in the North Pacific. Japanese scientists believe the creatures use the bright flashes…

Who has got a Carbon Guzzler

A 25 million dollar prize is open for an invention that can eat substantial amount of carbon out of the atmosphere. News at Nature. “The winner must be able to demonstrate a commercially viable design which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric, greenhouse gases each year for at least ten years without…

Skeptics among Climate scientists

Sean at Cosmic Variance points out the disingenuity of oil industry which encourages skeptics among climate scientists.

Yes? Here’s an opportunity to correct your mistakes. Debashish fell over the keyboard when working late in the night. Your votes in the Science/Technology were lost. Go vote once more, will ya.

To find out the temperature eat a thermometer

A conversation between my two year old neice and her mother (my sister). “Let me check your temperature, Nethra.” Nethra waits patiently as my sister sticks the thermometer into her mouth. After the thermometer is pulled out Nethra makes a motion as though she was eating the thermometer. “No, Nethra! You can’t eat temperature. It’s…

Indibloggies 2006 Nominations

Over here. Jury duty is done (yours truly had a jury hand in the Science/Tech and Humor category). Its all upto to you now. Help Debashish with the public voting process.

Snow White and Snow Balls

There was a few inches of snow today in Amersham. I didn’t venture out on wheels. Instead we went for a walk. A good number of people had come out. Some cars skidded by to hug the trees on the roadsides. A gentleman pulling his young daughter on a red plastic sled. A tiny puppy…