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If you spend a lot of time peering into a window that opens into the World Wide Web, you may like using Verdana font set at a comfortable font size. I personally have set Firefox to ignore all site specific fonts and just use Verdana size 18 for all western fonts.

I’ve heard that Verdana is a poor choice as a web font for various reasons. I am not an expert on that but I know what I see and I see Verdana working well. My screen resolution is 1400 x 1050, the system is Microsoft Windows with ClearType installed.

If you run Windows, install ClearType. It’s one of the genuinely good things to come out of the evil empire.


  1. #1 Dinesh
    March 2, 2007

    when i was scrounging around the web to find out how i can make fonts beautifully typefaced like my mac, i learnt about cleartype. That’s definitely got to be the closest thing. Haven’t tried Verdana though !

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