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Amazon Wishlist

Look to the left under Suggestions. The suggestions were shamelessly copied from Kenny Craig, the hypnotist in Little Britain (My three year old niece calls it the Vomit Show). I have Senegal Fast Food on the wishlist, if you are feeling charitable today.

TheScian Photos are back

They are on the left column and come out of Picasa servers. Yet another part of my life inexorably eaten by the Google Monster. For those who are wondering where were the photos in the first place: it was in Flickr. I used to login with my gmail login name into Flickr. Not anymore. Yahoo…

The mistakes we make: English writing

A english language style quiz. Give it a go. I failed miserably. I should’ve RTFM. [via a reddit story] Before the style guide, Orwell’s essay on english writing would be a good refresher. Since you’ve come this far, you might as well let Strunk give you a good beating.

Hell Explained

Found via A commenter there had linked to the video below.

Gun laws

All the talk of citizen heros who could’ve killed the VT shooter is misleading at the very least. A discussion at Daily Kos. There are sociopaths everywhere: US, India, Iraq, Sudan. How dangerous a weapon they get and how easily they get those weapons makes a big difference in what headlines you see: “Loner attacks…

Link collection

I Am John by Emil Svan√§ngen. What did the pope say? Ask gawker. Darfur. Keeping cool and waiting for strange things to leap out of a seething sea. The real deal. A Romantic or more appropriately Anarcho-Environmentalist in India. A review of his Manifesto. I read some chapters. The prose is not eloquent but the…

All you godless creatures

Cheer now! The pulpit is in the hands of the godless says WSJ.

Child Abuse – Indian Government Report

National Study on Child Abuse here (200 pages report). I haven’t read it fully. A few things I noted: My home state Tamilnadu was not part of the survey – of the southern states, Andhra and Kerala are. The summary shown below is a slap in the face of any society that lets such atrocities…

Sudan Man and the Goat

One of the most emailed stories in the Beebs today is about a man in Sudan who has started a family with a goat, involuntarily, it seems. If the Swan (undercover Zeus, one of the numerous horny greek gods) can, the Sudan man can too. Is there an equivalent Indian mythology? I am not aware…

Layman studies Light

It was the very first time. Her optic nerve sparked like a benevolent thunderbolt. The lucky photon came bouncing off the dining room light. It penetrated layers of stretched biological tissue, the amniotic sac, the translucent fluid inside, and reached the photo-sensitive cell at the precise moment when the cell became active. She twitched her…