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Reuters story.

A Hindu group in Wales are fighting to save the life of a bull they believe is sacred from slaughter after it tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.

Followers at the Skanda Vale Hindu temple in the western Welsh town of Llanpumsaint, Carmarthen, are considering forming a human chain in an attempt to save Shambo the temple bull from the abattoir, and have launched a petition on their Web site.

Appeals to the Welsh Assembly and Britain’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs have failed, and a notice of intended slaughter has been issued.

The Hindu order at Skanda Vale, the Community of the Many Names of God, said in a statement: “If we were to permit DEFRA to kill Shambo it would be an appalling desecration of life, the sanctity of our temples and Hinduism as a whole.”

Via A commenter wonders what was the hindu god doing while the bull fell for tuberculosis. Surely, god must know of welsh health laws. No? I suppose the bull is full of bad karma accumulated over its many births. The Hindu order at Skanda Vale is opposing god’s will and god will not be pleased.


  1. #1 Dinesh
    May 11, 2007

    I hope they keep the Bull informed of the status.

  2. #2 rat-terrier
    May 11, 2007

    How long does it take a Sacred Bull to croak from tuberculosis? Can he be enshrined by himself until that happens?

  3. #3 bernarda
    May 16, 2007

    I thought you might be interested in these comments on the sacredness–or rather not–of cows.

    It is far too long to cite appropriately or even to try to summarize. So I just leave the link.

  4. #4 Selva
    May 16, 2007

    Thank you, bernarda. That was a very readable and comprehensive essay. I hope to read the book soon.

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