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Healing water

No homeopathetic cure. No idiotic dilutions and molecular memories bullshit. This is healing water. For real.

The key ingredient of the water, called Microcyn, are oxychlorine ions – electrically charged molecules which pierce the cell walls of free-living microbes.

The water can only kill cells it can completely surround so human cells are spared because they are tightly bound together in a matrix. -BBC

For comparison here’s what an early homeopathy pioneer did to water: Jenichen sat or stood stripped naked to the waist, holding the bottle in his fist in an oblique direction from left to right, and shook it in a vertical direction. The fluid, at every stroke, emitted a sound like the ringing of silver coins. He paused after every 25th potency, and the muscles of his naked arm vibrated…he was latterly able to give 8400 strokes in an hour. [From a Wikipedia reference]


  1. #1 witnwisdumb
    May 24, 2007

    Personally, I thought homeopathy was total bullshit. I still have grave reservations. However, my best friend used chronically suffer from a severe sort of cough. A very terrible gut-wrenching, chest-hurting sort of cough, and he had that problem for well over one and a half years. Somebody persuaded him to try out homeopathy (which must have been a great feat, considering he too thought it was crap).

    You already know the drift of this anecdote – he was cured of his cough. But what’s more, although he doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, what I find really interesting is that he’s never had a cough ever since (it’s been over three years now). On one occasion, my friends and I were on a trek, where for three days at a stretch, we continuously got soaked in the rain and chilled in the wind. After the trek, everybody ended up with coughs and colds. But not this guy. Quite interesting.

  2. #2 Selva
    May 25, 2007

    Anecdotal evidence, as you would know, is no evidence at all. It should be a cause for concern if he and his loved ones do not know (in scientific terms, not homepathic hocus pocus) what really was the cause for his ailment.

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