The Scientific Indian

Road to Nirvana

Driving in India is a unique and beguiling experience. There are many lessons to learn, and in the end of it all, you will attain Nirvana, the quintessential Indian state of non-being.

Roads in and around Bangalore are like earth’s oceans during the Cambrian period; an explosion of unpredictable shapes and forms slither around; cars of various sizes and personalities, bullock carts, plastic eating cows, buffaloes that shamelessly shit in the middle of the road, cyclists carrying shipping containers, mopeds on a death run, and colorful pedestrians dodging predatorial vehicles.

Bangalore offers two life-changing paths for mortal coils: symbiosis or complete annihilation. You cannot decline the choice, unless you are a minister, or a really really rich crazy person, in which case I don’t know what rules apply. For the regular mortal coils, the choice is crucial and one must choose wisely. Both choices have extreme consequences (Choosing symbiosis is a Faustian deal, only backwards. To prolong life in city-hell, you have to sell your soul)

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