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The Joy of Questioning by Sunil

The first essay in a series of science essays to be published at is out. It is titled The Joy of Questioning and is written by Sunil of balancing life blog. Yours truly imagines that he has improved his reading skills. Give it a listen. An excerpt: …Even the most educated seem to hold…

Scifi Contest: Message to Neelam Shah

Dear Neelam Shah, Glad to see your note submitted via Contact Form. Unfortunately, the email you provided seems to be incorrect and my response to that email bounced. If you were wondering why I haven’t replied, you now know. Here’s my reply. You asked if there is any age limit for the contest (from…

Improbable Science Blog

One of my favorite sites, now in a blog format.

Encounters with Shakespeare

Don Pedro: You embrace your charge too willingly. I think this is your daughter. Leonato: Her mother hath many times told me so. Benedick: Were you in doubt, sir, that you asked her? –From Much Ado About Nothing My first encounter with Shakespeare was in school at the age of 13. We had the play…

Links: News, essays, etc

New Scientist reports on a study that indicates paedophiles may have less grey matter. The legal implications are enormous. What if a court finds such anomalies in brain as admissible for a plea? You can run away but you can’t forget. MIT Technology Review on How Ads Affect Our Memory Physicist Freeman Dyson asks young…

All ur quantum belong to me

The second part of Enemies of Reason, the two part series hosted by Dawkins, aired yesterday night here in the UK. At some point, Deepak Chopra, the quantum quack, was interviewed by Dawkins. Mr Chopra said the word quantum is used as a metaphor in alternative therapies, and then – to the eternal surprise of…

I’ve been reading a bit of european history (because science is too exciting and I needed a history break) and waded into the time of french revolution (1789) and what the british were upto at that time. In the last decades of eighteenth century, continental europe was pre-occupied with social revolution. But, the nearby islanders…

That dang online ads problem again

A discussion at reddit. Is it ethical to block online ads using your brower? My personal opinion: Hell, yes. I don’t block Google Ads and I don’t block flash ads at many sites where ads are relevant and show some taste. Site owners and advertisers who invoke guilt ethics could do better.

Chernobyl a wildlife haven now?

There were reports earlier in the media (BBC, for instance) that Chernobyl has become an oasis for wildlife running away from humans. Well, it seems someone was too optimistic. The media (BBC again) now reports that Chernobyl is no haven for nothing.

But, why should an adult digest milk? This and many other evolutionary hilarities in this debate on Complexity and Evolution. Featuring Richard Dawkins, Steve Jones, Lewis Wolpert.