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Statistically significant

Yesterday on the radio I heard the phrase ‘statistically significant’ twice (one on a discussion about crime and other about cancer). We all think we know what it is: If all the birds overhead poo on you simultaneously, you know, it cannot be a random event. It is surely a statistically signifcant event full of…

A Poem

A one line poem by W S Merwin. Elegy Who would I show it to The intensity of sorrow made more poignant by economy of expression.

Support Wikipedia

An appeal from Jimmy Wales, founder of wikipedia. It’ll be a shame if you let that charitable thought pass. Donate now.

The New Network

Let’s talk politics. Shall we. I just watched a video of a passionate young man willing to sponsor a democratic candidate. The video is on youtube, he has started a blog, and the news is out on the internet. No corporation can censure him for standing up to what he believes. It’s unfortunate, and in…

Wondered how Google Earth works?

TR has dug up some nifty details.

A Tranquil Star by Primo Levi

I have been reading Primo Levi, that man who was sent to to vey core of inhumanity and returned more humane than anyone, that man who I am proud to look up for inspiration. There are only a few who can move us the way Levi does with his prose, his courage and his life.…

Particle Physics in 60 seconds

Particle physics explained in 60 second bursts of words at Symmetry Magazine published by Fermi Lab and SLAC. I find this picture simple and utterly fascinating. It’s an artistic rendering of the tracks of an electron and it’s anti-particle as they dance in an electromagnetic field. Positron, electron’s anti-particle, came out of Dirac’s beautiful equation…

What’s Subprime Lending

[via reddit]


Read three novels in one week. (Why you ask? So I could nod knowingly tomorrow at a one day lecture course on reading modern fiction. See). Haven’t done this sort of a thing since I was a wide-eyed teenager from the railway town Jolarpet who walked into his first proper library in the great city…

BBC reports A spokesman for the Science Museum said: “We know that eminent scientists can sometimes say things that cause controversy and the Science Museum does not shy away from debating controversial topics. “However, we feel Dr Watson has gone beyond the point of acceptable debate and we are, as a result, cancelling his talk.”