The Scientific Indian

DIY Week

i-2dc3582670d28d433e8cd838b1bb707a-180px-Plumb_bob.jpg The past week has been one long workout. Over the course of the week, I’ve wrestled with instruments of great power: two electric saws (one light weight, one heavy duty), sander, drill, and a few others for whom I haven’t yet worked out what their purpose is. Along the way I have learnt plastering techniques, sanding, using a plumbline (just hang it from above, and don’t breath hard on it), wallpapering around an unreacheable corner (you don’t do it), floorboarding, and more. We could’ve hired someone to do it, but the opportunity to learn and sort out things for yourself is hard to let go easily. Except for a few curious cuts in the floorboard and missed corners in the wall, the work is done. We – myself and brother-in-law- are proud, sleep-deprived and delirious with caffeine overdose.

Regular blogging resumes (with the occasional bit of DIY tip).