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2007 TheScian Scifi Story Contest Results!

Hooray! After days of anticipation, they are finally out!

First PrizeA Story in Blue by J Ramanand
Joint Second PrizeCall of the Running Tide by Anita Murthy
Joint Second PrizeThe Going Got Tough by Dr Shantala

Congratulations to the winners!

A few words on the stories. Ramanand’s story is a thoughtful take on the effects of religion on what is probably the most momentous event in human history: meeting a whole new lifeform. I enjoyed it greatly and it made me think.

Call of the Running Tide by Anitha Murthy is a gentle story about childcare in a world that relies increasingly on technology to solve social problems. It was a pleasant reading experience. Besides winning the second prize, this story has also won a sponsored prize from one of our fine science blogger: Sunil of balancing life. Sunil has kindly and aptly offered to send The Best American Science Writing 2007 to a story of my choice with ‘engaging scientific content’. This story is my choice. Many thanks Sunil!

The Going Got Tough by Dr Shantala is a story that, I felt, is in somewhat the same spirit as Anitha Murthy’s story. It is about someone who tries to live by his biological inheritance instead of following the ever-sophisticated use of technology to enhance oneself. An interesting take and enjoyable read.

At times, I was at odds with what the authors had expressed. For instance, in Ramanand’s story, I think the ending is pessimistic and could have been otherwise. The other two stories seem to imply that technology has taken away some of our cherished human qualities. However, personally for me, these disagreements only make the stories more interesting and provide a more deeper and meaningful platform for conversations. If you have thoughts on the stories please email them to me [selvakumar at , please mark subject as ‘2007 Scifi Contest – Comments’] and I will publish all the interesting emails alongside the stories.

All the three authors have been wonderfully accomodating to my unreasonable requests for revisions. My thanks to them all.

As promised earlier, I have now started looking at other good stories. There are some nifty ones that I’d love to publish. We’ll get them out in the coming days. I’ll contact the authors with comments in the next few weeks.

Well, I won’t hold you back any longer. Enjoy.


  1. #1 Sangeeta
    December 3, 2007


    Has anyone read the Sc-Fic novel “Tanya Guptopolos Dus2r” at the site

    Probably the first SF online serial read.

    Authored by me, please do read. Would love to have yr comments.

    Sangeeta Deogawanka

  2. #2 RustyNeurons
    December 17, 2007

    The stories indeed, were great!!
    I am looking forward to others that you said you would publish.
    I also have a question to ask (since I’d like to try my hand in science fiction and you are already into science and related stuff): Does a science fiction have TO have a logical explanation about the technology/physics/or any other science that we may describe in the story? I mean, can I not write a story that has the ‘science’ part as fiction? (I may not really know the science, but probably I can imagine something on those lines)
    In such a case, would it be still considered science fiction?

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