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A Frog

I often show pictures of animals, birds and insects to my three year old niece. Today’s picture: Japanese tree frog. One of it has been to Mir Space station.

Lakshmi and Me

One of the many ills of poverty is that it denies men and women of their aspirations and their basic right to be heard and to be acknowledged. Lakshmi and Me is a film on the unacknowledged divide between haves and have-nots, between a young domestic worker and her employer – something that all Indians…

I have been reading Emily Dickinson from Everyman’s Poetry series. Apart from a few poems published during her initial years (the poems were mangled badly by her editors because they went ballistic on seeing her punctuation, limited men as they were), she never published her poetry. In the poem below she speaks of it. (She…


JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments, an online video-publication for biological research., a new blog by a group of young scientists at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany.

Shark has a perfect immune system?

I was at the hospital the other day for our daughter’s vaccination. On a TV mounted on the wall, a lady in white lab coat was explaining how massaging the baby increases skin tone (it doesn’t). Being a new parent, I was paying careful attention to gather useful information and there seemed to be some…

Odd Couples at New Yorker

Good laugh to be had at this New Yorker video where Steve Brodner sketches the tempestuous relationship between Hillary and Obama. Hilarious.

The Green Children

The Green Children is a young band of musicians inspired by Prof Muhammad Yunus. Support them, support children and families in need. What’s Microcredit.

A new essay is out at It is about why apples fall downwards, why frogs leap and why we fly rockets. In other words, it is about the force of gravity. It’s written by a non-scientist, so there are no discussions about strings tangled in eleven dimensions, tensor calculus or fluxions that made Newton’s…

Pope plays the victim

Via BrietBart: Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday canceled a speech at Rome’s La Sapienza university in the face of protests led by scientists opposed to a high-profile visit by the head of the Catholic Church to a secular setting. So, what does the Pope do? Cini said of Benedict on Thursday: “By cancelling, he is…

The Future of Ideas

The must read book by Lawrence Lessig is now free.